Fergie’s Peanut Sauce/Dressing 

This is such a fun and versatile sauce… Use on beef and chicken skewers, salads like my Asian Noodle & Grilled Shrimp Salad, Thai Chicken Wraps, Sanwiches, Veggie Dips honestly the possibilities are endless.  You can also sub almond butter for peanut butter if you are strict paleo! Enjoy friends! 

1/2 cup peanut butter or almond butter 

1/4 cup of each of the following :

Oil, rice wine vinegar, red wine vinegar, tamari (can sub for soy sauce or coconut aminos), honey

1 teaspoon fresh ginger 

1 garlic clove 

1 green onion 

1 tablespoon sesame seeds 

3 tablespoons fresh cilantro 

  • Blend until smooth. 
  • Refrigerate overnight for best flavor! 




Asian Noodle Salad with Grilled Shrimp & Fergie’s Homemade Peanut Sauce 

I have a hard time getting my kids to like the same salad… One likes this… One likes that… It’s a pain in the butt sometimes! I love that I can make this salad and they will eat everything (except Jacque and the avocado) ! You can prep the dressing the night before, what the heck prep the whole thing and toss the day you are ready to serve! 

1 package Rice Noodles (Trader Joes), prepared according to instructions, drained, cooled and set aside. 

36 shrimp, peeled, tossed in a little bit of olive oil, chili flake and sea salt, grilled, cooled and set aside 

1 large cucumber, seeded, sliced thin 

2 large carrots, peeled, sliced thin 

2 cups cabbage, finely sliced 

4 green onions, chopped thin 

1/4 cup cilantro, chopped 

1 avocado, diced 

1/4-1/2 cup Fergie’s Peanut Sauce

Sesame Seeds and Lime Wedges for Garnish 

  • Toss and enjoy right away. 



Juicy Pressure Cooked Brisket 

I bought a giant brisket!  Honestly if you’ve never cooked one before you must!!!! It is such a money and time saver!  I split in into 3 pieces and each of those will easily double duty into 2 meals ! I prepped this brisket piece and cooked it in my Instant Pot and served half of it for dinner tonight and saving the other half for BBQ Shredded Beef another night. Here is how I did it. 

1 Beef Brisket (3-5 pounds) 

2 onions sliced thin 

8-10 garlic cloves 

1 fennel bulb, cored and sliced thin 

1 cup beef or chicken stock 

1/4 cup soy sauce, tamari, or coconut amigos 

1/4 cup red wine or apple cider vinegar

1 8-ounce can of organic tomato sauce

4 tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce

2 tablespoons sea salt 

2 tablespoons smoked paprika 

1 tablespoon dried oregano 

1 teaspoon ground cumin 

1/2 teaspoon ground pepper 

4-6 carrots, peeled and cut into chunks

  • Throw it all (except the carrots) into your pressure cooker and set for 35 minutes. 
  • After 35 minutes release pressure and open pot. Stir everything and add the carrots to pot.  
  • Seal again and set for another 35 minutes. 
  • When completed release pressure and take the brisket out and allow to rest for at least 10 minutes before slicing or shredding. 
  • Serve with meat juices and cooked carrots over mashed potatoes. 
  • The remaining brisket can be shredded or frozen whole and used for another dinner. 



Elk & Mushroom Meatballs 

I swear my husband and son could live off of mushrooms and onions!  There have been times where I have tested them and served them dishes with mushrooms and onions for 2 days straight and they were as happy as can be !  I try to expose the kids to different meats, fruits and vegetables as possible.  So bringing home Elk was a nice treat! I hope you enjoy these as much as we did! 

1 pound ground elk 

1 package dried mushrooms (Trader Joes) 

1 onion, diced & caramelized at least 30 minutes 

4 garlic cloves, minced 

1 tablespoon seasoning salt 

1/2 teaspoon fresh ground pepper

1/2 teaspoon ground cumin 

1 egg

1/2 cup chicken or beef stock 

  • Caramelize onions with 4-6 tablespoons of oil for at least 30 minutes.  
  • Add the dried mushrooms, garlic, seasoning salt, pepper, cumin and garlic into food processor and pulse 4-5 times.  
  • Add the elk, caramelized onions, and egg.  Pulse until well incorporated. 
  • I used a small cookie scooper to have the same size meatballs. 
  • I heat the same pan I caramelized the onions in and added just a little more oil. 
  • Brown the meatballs on all sides.
  • Add the stock and strap the bottom of pan to get all the goodies. 
  • Serve alone with salad or over some roasted cauliflower.             



Green Goddess Pasta Salad 

The kids and I are headed to friends house for a 4th of July Bash & BBQ ! I made this delicious pasta salad jam packed with veggies (shhhhh no one will know).  I used regular pasta but please fill free to use your favorite gluten free pasta! 

6-7 leaves of kale, with stems 

1 cup fresh basil 

6 garlic cloves 

2 sprigs thyme (whole) 

2 tablespoons fresh oregano 

Juice of 1 large lemon 

1/2 cup Parmesan cheese (optional) 

1 cup mayo 

1/2 cup olive oil 

Pinch of salt and pepper 

  • Cook your pasta according to instructions.  Once cooked place in colander and rinse with cold water to cool down. 
  • Place everything but olive oil in food processor and pulse. 
  • Open top and scrap the sides to make sure everything is getting properly incorporated. 
  • Close top and begin to drizzle in oil. 
  • Once all the oil is mixed in stop machine and you my friend are done! 
  • Mix with pasta! 
  • You can add shredded chicken, shrimp, other veggies like cucumbers and tomatoes. Be creative!
  • This also makes a great dip! 



Warm Garlic Herb Potato Salad 

Potatoes any way you make them are always a sure hit at dinner time.  I try to get creative and not always serve them the same way every time!  This dish just came to be and I am happy everyone loved it … So now it’s time to share with all of you!  

2 pounds organic baby red potatoes, cut into 1/4 pieces 

1 small onion, sliced thin 

2 garlic cloves, minced 

4 tablespoons olive oil 

2 tablespoons kerrygold butter 

3 tablespoons parsley, finely chopped 

1 teaspoon thyme, finely chopped 

1 teaspoon oregano, finely chopped

1/4 cup Parmesan Cheese, grated 

1/4 cup mayo 

2 tablespoons Dijon Mistard 

Flavorgod or salt & pepper

  • Heat oil and butter in large skillet.
  • Add the potatoes and onions.
  • Cook on medium heat until potatoes start to brown and get soft.  
  • Add the garlic, herbs, Flavorgod and or salt and pepper. 
  • Cook an additional 5 minutes. 
  • Place the potato mixture into bowl, while hot add the mayo and Parmesan. 
  • Serve immediately!