Enough is Enough

I have been in inner conflict with myself for some time …

Am I enough to my husband?
Am I enough to my children?
Am I enough to my family?
Am I enough to my friends?
Am I enough to myself?

I go to bed every night regretful of the things I didn’t finish, or didn’t do. What I could have done better, faster, stronger. I have so many regrets, so many wishes and desires for things that honestly don’t matter. NO MORE! Enough is enough! I have come to the realization that I am enough damn it! I will focus on all the amazing good in my life !

I’m chubby but I have amazing skin, great hair and an awesome natural tan! And pretty feet!

I have an old car but I have no payments! I don’t have to watch my miles and when it shakes on the freeway it’s helping my circulation and makes me cautious and aware of my speeding so I don’t get tickets.

My son is sick… It sucks horribly… But in turn it is making him a patient, tolerant and compassionate man. I also get to spend so much quality time with him that I will cherish forever!

So I can’t afford to buy my daughters the latest and greatest phones, clothes and shoes… But in turn I have humble, gracious and grateful daughters who have learned to appreciate even the smallest of things in life.

I have a husband who is gone 3/4 of the year… With that loneliness comes immense love, adoration and appreciation for his hard work! And I get the bed to myself (when Jakes not in it)

I am enough and I have enough.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Michael Serna says:

    Very touching, these thoughts sometimes control us. There is a supernatural of Darkness out there that controls our homes, and schools. Let’s made a stand, bring the light. I know through Jesus Your worth it! God Bless you, can I keep your Son in prayer, if I can ask his name, diagnostics?

    1. fergiesbites says:

      He has Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis … A very painful and debilitating disease

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