Kitchen Clean Up

I’m not talking wiping the counters and polishing stainless steel… I’m talking Pantry, Fridge, Freezer and Spice Cabinet ! No need to throw stuff out … Make some cool meals! Here’s how I do it…

1. Start in freezer… Only because you can take stuff out and start defrosting right away! Take this time to discard old or frost bit items… Using a wash cloth dipped in warm soapy water wipe sides and bottom well. Sort items by newest at the bottom or back with older towards the front.

2. Make sure your sink is clean and one side is filled with hot soapy water.

3. Start with emptied dishwasher so you rinse, soak and put dishes in dishwasher as you go and clean after every dish so you don’t end up doing clean up for hours. Wipe, wash and clean as you go!

4. Go through your spices and get rid of spices you have had for some time… Believe it or not spices expire and loose their spunk. Don’t be afraid to mix spices … Play around and use a mortar & pestle or have a designated coffee grinder just for spices. I also keep a piece of blue painters take on the inside of my cabinet and write down spices, salts and such as I run out. I do the same with the fridge, freezer, and pantry… When it’s time to shop I remove the tape, place on paper and go shopping!

5. Start in the fridge by emptying one shelf at a time … Have a bowl with warm soapy water and wash cloth… Wipe walls & shelves and return foods as you like.

6. For your pantry take everything out one shelf at a time … Vacuum shelves and wipe with warm soapy water. I keep a small Ramekin with coffee grounds in the back of each shelf… Helps keep odors out and also absorbs moisture.

So pick a day when you have time… Put your favorite playlist or movie on, pour yourself a glass of wine, cocktail or nice cup of coffee… And get creative! Make sure you right down recipes as you go… So you can reproduce ! Have fun!


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