Homemade Hibiscus Tea Concentrate

I grew up drinking this tea ! Every summer my Momma had huge pitchers of this wonderful, tart, cranberry like, thirst quenching tea!!! I have made this tea a few times until I could get it just right! This is a tea concentrate so only pour about 1/4 cups tea concentrate to 3/4 cups water. You may also sweeten with some honey or simple syrup. BTW … hibiscus is a natural diuretic… If you have a few extra water weight pounds or around ( that time of the month for you ladies) this is a wonderful tea to drink (unsweetened of course) Enjoy!

4 cups dried hibiscus flowers
8 cups boiling water
1/2 – 2/3 cup fresh squeezed lime juice

– Bring water to a boil.
– Pour the hibiscus flowers and hot water in a large ceramic or glass bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Allow to seep overnight if possible.
– In the morning use a strainer to pour liquid into a strainer. Pour the flowers back in the bowl and rinse with another 8 cups of water … Re-strain the hibiscus into pitcher. Add the lime juice. You should have approx 14-16 cups concentrate.
– Store in fridge for up to 2 weeks!






One Comment Add yours

  1. Darlene Sunahara says:

    I’m making this…..live this drink ❤️
    Thank you for posting I’m glad I was able to find.

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