Whole9 Day 58

You know when I started my whole60 life I had initially planned on what my big cheat was going to consist of …. So my morning was going to start with Coffee and creamer (half coffee half Trader Joes French Vanilla creamer to be precise) then I was going to have sushi (with rice and crispy tempura everything) and for dinner I would indulge in New York Style Pizza with Extra Extra Cheese, nachos and a beer…. And hopefully leave room for frozen yogurt ! Crazy thing is I don’t even like pizza! But I was craving all these naughty things! I realized food was my drug and I was its junky! My 60 days of gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, grain free is Monday. I am proud to say I am clean! Clean of all the food thoughts that ruled my mind before. I feel like a well oiled and maintained machine. Ready for anything! Try it for 30 days… You have nothing to loose bit fat and bad habits! Xoxo


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