Whole9 Day 39

I actually had to look on the calendar to see what day I was on!!! It’s so part of my life I don’t even think about it anymore. We went away for the weekend. Stayed at the beach… I realized there are no excuses and was able to eat whole9 the entire weekend. We arrived on Friday to La Jolla and the first thing I did was google a Wholefoods. Went and stocked up with meals for me and the family (my family is not strict Paleo like me). Picked a a whole roasted organic chicken, kale salad mix, Tessame dressing, Synergy’s were on sale… Grabbed plenty for the week, cooked grass fed organic beef patties, avocados and heirloom tomatoes. I had brought a glass storage container, a small cutting board and knife. I would prepare my beautiful kale bowls with my protein and dressing … Topped with fresh organic avocado… Sheer beauty!!! Yelp was a huge help figuring out we’re I could eat when we chose to eat out. Korean Restaurants have great proteins… (Just omit the sauces) they have wonderful salads and the place we chose had a Korean side bar so I loaded up on kimchi! Even at the aquarium I was able to order a wonderful salad ! What it boils down to is there are no excuses. I am on a Mission and its life or death for me. I am counting at this point for the sake of counting… I plan on going and going… At first I was only doing a week, then I chose to do 30…. Then 60…. Now … Who knows?



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  1. It really does become your lifestyle. I can’t even bring myself to eat bread anymore. It just feels… wrong… I guess! I don’t even want it haha. 🙂

    1. fergiesbites says:

      I am so happy I did this… you inspired me Kristen! Thank you!

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