Whole 9 Day 31

I have been a terrible blogger but believe me its because I have been too busy to bathe at times (just a saying, I have bathed!) But what can I say … 31 days of whole9 goodness!  I did hit the wineries today with my bestest, most favorite red head today and did slightly over indulge in some vino!  But didn’t faultier in the food department.  I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many supportive friends and family.  They may not fully understand and grasp what I am doing… but they support and love me each step of the way.  I have 3 people to thank in particular… 1. Lea Roberts- for teaching me the ropes in the beginning, for being the only reason I like to work on Mondays, and for joining me to get our asses handed to us in yoga. 2. George Bryant- for answering each and every annoying question I have had, from oils, to coconut aminos, and for being my very graceful anti gravity yoga partner!  Last but certainly not least Kristen.  My sweet North Carolina Paleo Pen Pal!  So bizarre that I have never met her and connected with her through the world of Paleo! I am going to kick fat’s ass and have fun doing it the whole way!

Check out my friends websites…

Lea Roberts http://www.myprimalcravings.com

George Bryant http://civilizedcavemancooking.com

Kristen Foushee http://www.changeofpaceforme.com

Prep day will be tomorrow… I will be posting 1,000,000 recipes!


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  1. You and I are on the same page girl. I am so glad I met YOU! Since I finished my whole30 I’ve fallen off track. I should have extended it. Yesterday I decided I needed to do it over again. I learned a lot about myself but apparently not enough to get rid of old habits. Let’s both kick fat’s ass!!! 🙂

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