Hatch Chile, Meat & Veggie Frittata

I love making frittata’s in the beginning of the week.  Its my go to food when I am busy and on the go.  I have been craving hatch chiles for some time.  It reminds me of my childhood … my dad spending hours outside roasting chiles… I love that smell! This frittata is amazing… absolutely fool proof!

1 onion, chopped

1 lb. ground pork, beef, turkey or chicken

2 cans roasted hatch chile

1 yellow squash, julianne

1 zucchini, julianne

4 carrots, julianne

17 large organic eggs, scrambled

salt & pepper to taste

DSCN8495 DSCN8497 DSCN8499 DSCN8500 DSCN8501 DSCN8502 DSCN8503 DSCN8504 DSCN8507 DSCN8508 DSCN8510

– Preheat oven to 400

– Cook onion, meat of choice and hatch chile in a large skillet

– Generously grease casserole pan, pour the egg

– Pour the meat mixture over the top

– Add the squash, zucchini & carrots right over the top

– Press the veggies down so that the egg comes out and over the top

– Bake for 45 minutes



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