Whole9 Day 19

I have been a terrible blogger! Thing is I feel so energetic I am put and about more than ever!!! It’s been 19 days! I seriously can’t believe it. In the beginning I had a running list of things I would reincorporate into my diet after the 60 days. I have since tossed that list! I have worked so hard up to this point and don’t want to go back! I am down 25 pounds !!!! It’s crazy! I am seeing changes in my body I have never seen before. I am slimming down and getting stronger in the process!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Richard Messer says:

    25 lbs in 19 days that’s a lot!

  2. fergiesbites says:

    I have a lot to loose… I am sure a lot is water weight!!! I am not getting too excited that it will continue to go this fast.

  3. bendiful says:

    25 pounds you are amazing! I’m doing whole 30 right now too I’m only 12 days into this and although I don’t know if I’ve lost weight I know I’ve lost inches.

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