Whole9 Day 11

Day 11… Woo Hoo baby! This is awesome! I feel great, energetic, but most of all HAPPY! It’s amazing what food alone will do. I am going to start my workouts today… This is what I was assigned … 100 jumping jacks, 75 squats, 50 push-ups (I know this is not gonna happen) & 25 burpees. ::: gulp ::: !!! My husband has joined me on my whole9 lifestyle (which thrills me) but he is slowly weaning himself off of his coffee creamer! But anyhow … We were talking about building our own home gym… We already have a lot of equipment … We will just add what we need and make it pretty! Makes more sense than joining a gym because we are both busy. I spent about 4 hours prepping yesterday which will make my life a breeze this whole week! Breakfast took me a whole 3 minutes and 8 seconds!!! I timed it. I sautéed roasted peppers and onions, cauliflower, roasted pork loin and spinach with a farm fresh egg!!! DeLish! Hubby loved it too! Well… I wish everyone going through this journey success!!!! Success and confidence in yourself to pull this off for whatever your reasons may be! Peace & Love – Fergie



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  1. Love a quick breakfast, and 3 minutes is impressive! 🙂

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