Day 6 Whole60 End to the Day!!!

Antigravity Yoga… ROCKS!  Better than what I was expecting! I giggled through most of it.  My cravings were def better today… I noticed a weird metal taste in my mouth… ???  Does anyone know what that could be.  Sugar detoxing is so hard that I don’t ever want to have sugar again!  After all this work I will be very careful of what goes in my mouth!  Dinner was In & Out Protein Style burger no sauce no cheese and Starbucks Unsweetened Green Ice Tea… I was out too late past dinner and was STARVING!!!  I am going to try Kombucha for the first time tomorrow… stocked up on several different flavors.  It is pretty expensive.  I did my homework on several paleo friendly products and the cost a lot of money!  I am feeding 5 people strict paleo and its rough on the pocket book.  I ordered scoby’s to make my own kombucha, I bought Organic Coconut Flakes to make my own Coconut Butter and my own Organic Raw Sunflower Seeds for my own Sunflower Seed Butter.  WISH ME LUCK!  I have been doing well with my water intake… I am drinking approx 140-160 ounces a day, and aside from pee’ing every 5 minutes I feel amazing!  My skin looks great ! I appreciate all the help I can get on my whole9 adventure. 


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