Day 6 whole30

So this morning was a lot better… I did try my coffee (which by the way is the most amazing coffee on the planet… Check it out, organic, mold free, sustainable, fair trade cup of wonderfullness ! Roast House Coffee ) with full fat coconut milk… Verdict… Good! Still missing the sugar but a much better option than almond milk. I ate a couple small pieces of my zucchini & carrot frittata, some celery sticks with a bit of almond butter… Mmm Mmm Mmm !!! My mood is much more positive … I felt crummy yesterday with the sugar withdrawals and cravings. I am at the gym right now, sitting, waiting for my anti gravity yoga class people watching. I really hate that beginning around all these fit, skinny people makes me so self conscious! I will stick to working out in my living room for now. Well… Wish me luck in this class! Check in later!



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